Havana is a fairly large city, and accommodation as a vital part of travel programming has many options to choose from, including accommodation in private homes (casas particulares) or apartments, which offer very good conditions of accommodation, security, and price.

With an occasional gain, and is to be in more personal contact with their people and culture.

This detail allows you to feel confident asking questions and clearing doubts about places of interest, and how to take advantage of the time to explore the beautiful Cuban architecture, restaurants, museums, walks, etc.
Walking the streets of Havana

By dealing directly with the owners of these accommodations it is easier to negotiate, bargain or ask for a reduction in their prices, which are definitely very low.

Although the issue should be handled with caution considering that they must pay taxes to the government. Upon entering as a guest, you must present your passport and sign your registration in a control book that they handle in each place.

The subject of food depends on your personal tastes or diet requirements, there is the alternative of negotiating with them some meals, but it is recommended to clarify well what type of food is offered, is up to you.

There are many options for houses, apartments and private rooms.

To book you must take into account that they are legal rent houses which are identified by having a blue logo on the door, which says “Arrendador divisa “, as they are legal places with experience in the service.

Arrendador Divisa logo

Usually, there is always availability, but if they don’t have a room available, the owner can advise or reference another nice place like this to stay.

This service has become so popular due to the voice-to-voice system that has spread worldwide and among tourists with clear objectives such as visiting sites so rich in Caribbean history and culture.

In terms of the most important detail, security, there is nothing to fear, all the places on offer are completely safe, each room has its own lock, and even some have a safe.

Another guarantee of security in the city is that you can even cancel when you arrive at the chosen site.

The currency mostly used by foreigners is the CUC, it is more or less the equivalent to the Dollar, being this the most accepted one in the island.
CUC Cuban Currency

We can certainly state that: